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Grand Pacific Health administers Illawarra Shoalhaven Partners in Recovery (ISPIR) and has a contractual relationship, through a Funding Agreement, with the Commonwealth Department of Health.

As the PIR lead agency in this region, Grand Pacific Health heads up a Consortium of government and non-government organisations and service providers. Together Consortium members work with other partner organisations to meet the various needs of individuals across the region.

ISPIR Support Facilitators are employed by some of the Consortium organisations and are fully committed to the ISPIR program and its aims. The ISPIR Program Team is employed by Grand Pacific Health.

The Consortium includes Neami National, Flourish Australia, One Door Mental Health, and the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District as well as representatives from the Consumer and Carer Forum.

ISPIR Consortium representatives meet regularly. Together, Consortium partners are responsible for the governance of the implementation of the ISPIR program across the Illawarra Shoalhaven region, including strategic directions and outcomes.
The Consortium collaborates with others for whom mental health recovery is a priority including a Consumer and Carers Forum and a NDIS Reference Group.
The Consumer and Carer Forum is a group of Consumers and Carers from the region who have expressed an interest in being involved in the development, implementation and operation of ISPIR. The Forum meets quarterly and discusses and provide feedback on how the program is operating, any development that is occurring and what we could do better in providing a service to people with an enduring mental illness and complex needs. The group also provides advice and feedback on different activities that could be taken involving the entire sector to improve outcomes for people with an enduring mental illness and complex needs, and their families and carers.

The NDIS Reference Group is a collection of key stakeholders and service providers from many different services including children and family services, Centrelink, local health district, drug and alcohol services, housing services, disability services and many others. This group meets every two months to discuss how the transition to NDIS is progressing for people with psychosocial disability and how each of the services can work more collaboratively to have better outcomes for people with an enduring mental illness and complex needs and their families and carers.
ISPIR is committed to ensuring that Consumers and Carers are represented in all aspects of the program. A Consumer and Carer representative from the Consumer and Carer forum is a member of the Consortium and the NDIS Reference Group and are involved in the different assessment and recruitment panels for different areas of the program.

ISPIR are also playing a leading role in helping people with complex mental health issues to apply for the National Disability Insurance Scheme.
We will continue to provide clear and relevant information to consumers, their carers and family and friends to help with transitioning to the NDIS. 

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