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What is a recovery-oriented service?

Recovery is important because a person is not their illness and diagnosis is not the end of the story.

Partners in Recovery operates under a recovery framework, using a personalised approach tailored to address an individual’s specific support requirements. PIR will help individuals to maximise their capabilities and to manage issues.

PIR is a national program that is operational in 48 different regions. How it is provided within each region may vary according to need, but all operate within a Recovery Framework.

Recovery-oriented mental health practice supports people to recognise and take responsibility for their own recovery and wellbeing and to define their goals, wishes and aspirations. The lived experience of people with mental health issues and their families are at the heart of recovery-oriented practice and are brought together with the expertise, knowledge and skills of mental health practitioners (Commonwealth of Australia, 2013).

The national framework for recovery oriented mental health services: Guide for practitioners and providers developed by the Commonwealth of Australia (2013) includes 5 domains of recovery oriented practice and service delivery which include:

  • Promoting a culture and language of hope and optimism
  • Person 1st and holistic
  • Supporting personal recovery
  • Organisational Commitment and workforce development
  • Action on social inclusion and the social determinants of health, mental health and wellbeing

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