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As the people closest to those living with serious mental illness, you are an important part of the process of recovery, with your own needs and challenges as well.

ISPIR wants to work with you, helping you in your critical role as carer/family member by connecting the person you are caring for with a strong team of people all focused on their particular situation.

Our support facilitator will be a constant point of contact to properly assess needs, increase and manage access, simplify processes and help make the most of opportunities. The goal is recovery, not a return to the days before the mental illness, but a quality life that takes the mental illness into account.

Contact ISPIR on 1800 228 987 or at ispir@gph.org.au

With your family member’s permission you are able to refer them, they are able to refer themselves or a service provider is able to make a referral with their permission.

If you are not sure if Partners in Recovery is appropriate for your family member please contact ISPIR to discuss further.

Go to our Resources page to access a comprehensive list of links and resources.

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