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Peter Bullimore Workshops

Image01 - 05 - 2017 Image9:00am - 4:30pm

Introducing: "The Maastricht Interview Approach for Voices" and "Understanding the Role of Trauma when working with Voices, Paranoia & Unusual Beliefs" 

There will be 5 workshops in Sydney & Wollongong


The Maastricht Interview training is designed for professionals in mental health care to work with people who hear voices. The method involves accepting & making sense of a person's voices & tries to establish a link between what the voices say and their life experiences as a means of providing both relief & the possibility of recovery.
The workshop provides an opportunity for participants to understand the underlying principles of this approach & evidence of success by interviewing voice hearers who have been through the MIA process, & develop practice of interviewing & basic skills in working with voices.
It can assist people who hear voices in a number of ways, including:
• Overcoming the shame of talking about voices.
• Validating & acknowledging the experience.
• Offering space & support to systematically map all aspects of the voices & build insight.
• Empower the individual by promoting acceptance & the opportunity to take charge.

Participants in this training can expect to:
• Gain an understanding of the Maastricht Interview for voices.
• Learn how to conduct the interview.
• Undertake two interviews with voice hearers.
• Write reports and develop constructs from Maastricht Interviews.
• Demonstrate competence to teach, making a normalising relationship with people hearing voices, in which the person feels interest, acceptance & respect.
• Demonstrate competence in identifying & exploring those strategies that enhance the control of the voice hearer over their voices.
• Demonstrate competence of teaching the main elements of recovery from distress of voices.
• Demonstrate competence to teach about the possible relationships of voices with the life history & in the understanding of metaphors in what the voices say.
Who should attend:
• Mental Health Workers/Professionals, teachers, lecturers, students, and anyone else who works one on one with voice hearers

Workshop Program Overview:
The workshop is an intense two day interactive program. In addition to Peter himself, there will be three other
people with lived experience assisting Peter in the training. The three, Kate, Sarah and Kelly are all highly experienced in the MIA training. The workshop is restricted to 24 participants to enable them to acheive the best results and outcomes from the training.


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