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Taking the next step is easy – make a request for service to ISPIR.

ISPIR is free of charge. It is designed for people with enduring mental illness who meet the program criteria. Even if a person doesn’t meet the criteria they will be connected to the best service provider to help them.

Eligibility for ISPIR

ISPIR might be the next step in your recovery journey if you:

  • have a mental illness that has been present for 3 years or more (or is likely to be)
  • receive services from 2 or more agencies OR would benefit from receiving services
  • do not have someone from an agency to assist in accessing services
  • find that your current support arrangements are not helpful
  • consent to being involved or have indicated a willingness to participate in PIR.

Transitioning to the NDIS

ISPIR has begun transitioning to the NDIS. This means our focus will shift to supporting all current participants to access the scheme. We are now also a ‘capped’ program, so our numbers are limited and we have reduced capacity to respond to new requests for service. PIR participants that are not eligible for the NDIS will still receive a PIR but please keep in mind our program expected to terminate in June 2019.

If you are unsure about these changes or if you meet these criteria please call the ISPIR team to discuss.

Access team
1800 228 987

ISPIR requests for service 

You may refer yourself, be referred by your family member or carer or through a service provider.

Self referrals and referrals from family members / carers

These can be completed by either:

Calling us:  1800 228 987
or completing the request for service form > 

Request for service for service forms service providers require both of the following:

Request for service form >
ISPIR consent form >  

Additional information to assist with completing these forms:

Request for service form checklist >
ISPIR consent form fact sheet >

After an eligibility assessment two things could happen:

  • You are eligible for the PIR program and will be allocated to a Support Facilitator. They will work together with you to identify what supports and services you think will enable you to overcome the barriers preventing you from living the life you want or
  • You are not eligible for the PIR program. The intake coordinator will work with the referrer and/or you to connect you with the services that will work best for you.

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