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Can PIR help me with the NDIS?

PIR will keep consumers, their carers and family/ friends up to date with NDIS information and communicate it in simple terms.

We will also help current consumers undergo the process of being assessed and transitioning to NDIS funding arrangements.

What if I’m not eligible for the NDIS?

Local NDIS Area Coordinators will help individuals link in to other services if they are not deemed eligible for an NDIS plan.

ISPIR is only funded to offer support in its current form until 1 July 2019.

The WayAhead Directory is a valuable resource if you are looking for up to date information on mental health services in the Illawarra/ Shoalhaven regions - the directory offers phone numbers and online contact details.

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Who can make a referral?

Anyone can make a referral to ISPIR, as long as the person being referred agrees to the referral being made. Agreement does not have to be in writing.

You can refer yourself, a family member or friend. A service provider can also refer to us, even if the provider is not part of the ISPIR Consortium.

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What are the ISPIR eligibility criteria?

A referral to ISPIR is accepted if the person meets these eligibility criteria:

  • has a mental illness that has been present for three years or more (or is likely to be)
  • receives services from two or more agencies OR would benefit from receiving services
  • does not have someone from an agency to assist in accessing services
  • current support arrangements are not helpful
  • consents to being involved or has indicated a willingness to participate in PIR

If you have any questions about the eligibility criteria, give us a call on 1800 228 987.

What happens if someone is not eligible for PIR support?

Even if the ISPIR program is not right for your situation, you will be connected to services that can help you more effectively. There is no wrong door at ISPIR.

What does ISPIR cost?

Nothing. ISPIR is a free service.

How do I make a referral?

Download the referral form


Send the completed referral form via:

Fax:  02 4226 9486

Email:  ispir@gph.org.au

You can also make a referral by phone

By Phone: 1800 228 987

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I don’t have internet or fax, can I still refer?

YES. We are happy to take referrals over the phone. Call us on 1800 228 987.

I’m not sure if ISPIR is the right thing for someone I’m thinking of. What can I do?

Everyone at ISPIR is here to help. If you are not sure whether the person might benefit from our service, give us a call on 1800 228 987.

We will not be able to talk to you about the individual without their permission, but we can answer any questions you may have about ISPIR, and how it might benefit you or the person you are wanting to refer.

Is ISPIR for people with dual diagnoses?

Yes, ISPIR is committed to supporting people who experience enduring mental illness and/or substance use problems. Support Facilitators are equipped to coordinate care and recruit services to best support the management of both issues.

Can I refer someone without their consent?

We are unable to accept a referral to ISPIR unless the person has agreed. This is to ensure that the person’s privacy and confidentiality is maintained.  When you are making a referral, we will always ask you to confirm that consent has been given.

Consent may take the form of verbal consent by asking the person if they agree to the referral being made and letting us know this. Consent forms may also be provided if they are available.

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Do I need to send a consent form with the referral?

No, but you will need to have confirmed consent to refer to ISPIR with the person. We are happy with an indication of verbal consent.

If you are a service provider, and have a consent form available that indicates PIR, then please include this, but it is not a requirement.

What region does ISPIR cover?

ISPIR covers the entire Illawarra Shoalhaven region, from Helensburgh in the north to South Durras, and is loosely bordered in the west by the escarpment.

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What happens after I send the referral form?

You will be contacted by the ISPIR Intake coordinator, whose job it is to work out whether PIR is the right support service for you or the person you are referring.

The intake coordinator will ask all the important questions about your support needs (if referring yourself) or the person’s support needs, from your perspective. This information enables ISPIR to support the recovery journey, and to determine the best service for the person.

If I’m referred to ISPIR by a service provider, do I have to keep working with that same provider?

No, within the ISPIR program, you will work with a Support Facilitator (SF) who will decide, with you, the best way to proceed. The SF will listen to your ideas and feelings about this and other things.

Remember, you are free to refer yourself to ISPIR.

I am eligible for ISPIR. So what happens next?

Your first point of contact is a Support Facilitator (SF) who works for one of the PIR partner organisations. Your SF will work with you to develop a PIR Action Plan. With your consent, they will refer you to the different services and supports, and work alongside you to overcome the barriers that are preventing you from living the life you want to live.

There may be times when we are unable to link people with an SF straight away. In this case, the intake coordinator will keep in touch and can be contacted while waiting for a SF to become available.

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