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Requests for service might come from any one of a number of places (we call these referral pathways).

  • friends
  • family
  • carers
  • GPs
  • hospitals
  • mental health services
  • family welfare services
  • housing services
  • employment services
  • any other service
  • or you can refer yourself.

The Partners in Recovery program is not just another service people need to negotiate. PIR is intended to coordinate existing resources so that people can access the services they need more easily.

Please keep in mind that ISPIR has begun transitioning to the NDIS.
This means our focus will shift to supporting all current participants to access the scheme. We are now also a ‘capped’ program, so our numbers are limited and we have reduced capacity to respond to new requests for service. PIR participants that are not eligible for the NDIS will still receive a PIR service but our program expected to terminate in June 2019.
If you have any questions about these changes please call our Access Team: 
1800 228 987

Referral forms

ISPIR Request for service form >
If you run the Best Practice or Medical Director software at your practice, download the compatible referral forms.
Best Practice-compatible referral form >
Medical Director-compatible referral form >



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